The churchyard is divided into four parts.  The original churchyard around the church includes a Garden of Remembrance where ashes are buried.  In order to be buried in the churchyard you must be resident in Grantchester, or have spent a significant part of life resident here, or have a significant connection to the church.

There are various rules about burials and monuments, governed overall by the Diocese of Ely.  Please find our churchyard policy here Churchyard Policy .

Plans of each of the four areas, with lists of names, are available on the PDF files linked to below.

Fourth Churchyard

Work has recently taken place to improving the Garden of Remembrance. See the Church News page for more details.

For the last 30 years the annual newsletter of The Friends of Grantchester Church has contained a short biography of some Interesting People Buried in Grantchester Churchyard. In some cases their connection with the parish was tenuous but they all had an affection for Cambridge – as a home, or workplace, or holiday stop-over – and in some cases their affection was particularly for the parish and church. You can find these biographies here. If you find them interesting, why not join The Friends of Grantchester Church and lend your support to this beautiful building and churchyard.

We are aiming to met the requirements of the Cambridgeshire Churchyard Conservation Award Scheme. Our draft management plan for the churchyard is available here

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