The usual pattern of 10.30 Services is as follows:

1st Sunday  Parish Communion

2nd Sunday Family Communion

3rd Sunday Parish Communion

4th Sunday Matins (BCP)

On 5th Sundays, there is usually a combined service with Trumpington and Newnham.

Evensong is held once a month at 6.30pm, usually on the 1st Sunday of the Month.

8am Communion (BCP) is held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

Service (10.30 am) Vicar


Readings Sidesmen/women
4th March NO SERVICE  (Road closed due to Cambridge Half Marathon)                 
11th March

Family Communion

Mothering Sunday

Rev Rachel Rosborough

Lloyd Carrick family

TBC Lloyd Carrick family


18th March

Parish Communion

Rev Marguerite Roberts

Guy Lewin Smith

Hebrews 5.5–10

John 12.20–33

Guy Lewin Smith


25th March

Palm Sunday

Family Communion

Rev Rachel Rosborough

Neville family

TBC Neville family        (Red)
Mon 26th March

Tues 27th March

Wed 28th March

Thur 29th March


Mon/Tues/Wed (Grantchester Church): Reflective services

Maundy Thursday (Newnham Church): “Remembering the Last Supper”

30th March

Good Friday

10.00am:       Short joint outdoor Service (Grantchester, Newnham & Trumpington): walk down Spring Meadow Lane and go left to the large willow tree on meadows.  Followed by refreshments in Grantchester Village Hall

12.00 noon:   ‘First Hour at the Cross’ service, Grantchester Church

2.00pm:         ‘Last Hour at the Cross’ service, Newnham Church

1st April

Easter Day

7.00am:         Sunrise Service on Grantchester Meadows.

Meet at same place as above: on the meadows by the willow tree

Rev Marguerite Roberts

Judith Barwise

Acts 10: 34-43

Mark 16:1-8

Barwise family   (White)
Early morning


Vicar Readings Sidesmen
11th March Rev Marguerite Roberts Galatians  4:21–end

John 6:1–14

25th March Rev Rachel Rosborough Philippians 2:5–11

Matthew 27:1–54

Evensong (6.30pm) Vicar


Readings Sidesmen
4th March Rev Rachel Rosborough  

Christine Jennings

Psalm 11

Genesis 39

Hebrews 10.19–end

Christine Jennings