Letter from the Vicar

The Green Season….

I write this on a rainy day in the middle of June; the words most heard at the moment seem to be “well the garden needs it” and, of course, it does.  Yet I can’t help hoping that the sun will come out.  Wet days seem to slow things down, cause us to feel rather flat and isolate us in our own little worlds.  I need to take the car out more and I lose those little accidental meetings and conversations as I walk about the place.

Yet just as the garden needs both rainy and sunny days, we too need quiet times of growing and resting, as well as times of busyness.  Times when nothing much happens.  Times to catch up.  Times when we can just be.  They’re as vital to our well-being as those far more exciting, sociable and full times.

As a Church we’re just about to begin ‘the green season’ – or Ordinary Time as it is called, basically the gap in the Church’s year where there are few high days or holy days on the horizon.  We leave behind the busy run of Easter, Ascension and Pentecost and the full Autumn term, that runs us to Advent, is still mercifully far off.  It can seem like a bit of an anti-climax after all the celebrations of Easter, but I hope that it is an opportunity to notice and find joy and blessing in the ordinary and in the balance it brings.

Choosing rest and renewal and purposeful work, rather than allowing the demands of life to overwhelm us: that might just be the right thing to do in this green season.

So I hope you have a very happy Summer; whether life will continue as usual, or whether you’re heading off on your holidays, whether it’s a glorious, sunny warm summer, or a grey and wet one, enjoy this beautiful world of ours in all its green-ness…. and don’t forget to give yourself a bit of time to grow too!

Rev Rachel Rosborough