The usual pattern of 10.30 Services is as follows:

1st Sunday  Parish Communion

2nd Sunday Family Communion

3rd Sunday Parish Communion

4th Sunday Matins (BCP)

On 5th Sundays, there is usually a combined service with Trumpington and Newnham.

Evensong is held once a month at 6.30pm, usually on the 1st Sunday of the Month.

8am Communion (BCP) is held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month

Service (10.30 am) Readers Readings Sidesmen/women
2nd JulyParish Communion Mary Martin Romans 6.12–endMatthew 10.40–end Francis BurkittMary Martin       (Green)
9th July (joint, in Newnham)                                                                   
16th JulyParish Communion Guy Lewin SmithMary Shaw Romans 8.1–11Matthew 13.1–9, 18–23 Guy Lewin SmithMary Shaw         (Green)
23rd JulyMatins Christine JenningsBill Everett Psalm 71Deuteronomy 30.1–10

1 Peter 3.13–22

Christine JenningsBill Everett         (Green)
30th July (joint, in Trumpington) n/a
6th AugustParish Communion Katharine Wright Romans 9.1–5Matthew 14.13–21 Katharine WrightMary Shaw         (Green)
13th AugustParish Communion Francis Burkitt Romans 10.5–15Matthew 14.22–33 Francis Burkitt
20th AugustParish Communion Michael Goodhart Romans 11.1–2a, 29–32Matthew 15.21–28 Michael GoodhartMarian Beeby
27th AugustMatins Christine JenningsPat Hall Psalm 104.1–25Jonah 2, Revelation 1 Christine JenningsPat Hall              (Green)
3rd SeptemberParish Communion Simon ThomasMary Shaw Romans 12.9–end Matthew 16.21–end Simon ThomasMary Shaw         (Green)
Early morning


Vicar Readings Sidesmen
9thJuly   n/a n/a
23rd July   n/a n/a
Evensong (6.30pm) Vicar

Readers / Sidesmen

2nd July Peter Scrase Psalm 50.1–15, 1 Samuel 28.3–19

Luke 17.20–end

6th August Christine Jennings Psalm 80.1–8, 1 Kings 10.1–13, John 6.24–35
3rd September Stephen Howe Psalm 105.1–15, 2 Kings 6.24–25; 7.3–20

Acts 18.1–16