Church News


Communal Room Communion

The Rev Marguerite Roberts will take a short communion service in the Communal Room, Tabrum Close, at 10.00am on Wednesday 12th July, and also on Wednesday 9th August.  All are welcome to attend and to stay for coffee afterwards.

Church Fete

The Church Fete will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 16th September, at a venue to be confirmed.

Tea Party for Marguerite

There will be a Tea Party

 from 3.30pm until 5.00pm on Sunday 10th September

 in the Village Hall to say a big THANK YOU toRev Marguerite Roberts

for her tireless support to the church and parish during the interregnum

Churchyard working party

The Spring 2017 churchyard working party was held on Saturday 13th May.  We had three regular helpers missing, but were delighted to welcome three first-timers following our recent recruitment campaign.  It was a pleasantly warm, but slightly humid, afternoon providing good gardening conditions to tackle the regular jobs.

We were delighted to welcome as new recruits Katharine Wright, Anne Francis and Richard Scurr – we hope they enjoyed the companionship of the afternoon, and will come again!

Francis Burkitt arrived with power tools and, helped by James Lindsay, ensured the spread of two rampant shrubs (snowberry and lonicera) was halted.  They then moved onto trees in the third and fourth churchyard cutting back the box tree overhanging the path to the fourth churchyard and removing a self-seeded (a long time ago) prunus trees growing close to graves in the same area.  A team of Mary Shaw, Ann Francis, Judith Hart and Jennifer Cawthra attended to the roses, the endowed graves and the Remembrance garden in the first churchyard.  It was the perfect time of year to tackle weeds before they seed.

Wheelbarrows full of goosegrass (sticky  weed) were removed from the edges and boundaries of the second and third churchyards by Janet Huxley and Clare Lindsay.  Richard Scurr also greatly improved the area around the entrance to the second churchyard cutting back enthusiastic perennials and weeding under the trees.

The front garden of the Vicarage was a little neglected and in preparation for July when the new vicar arrives, Caroline Burkitt and Katherine Wright weeded the borders discovering some rather parched shrubs.  Watering at the May working party is a very rare event and shows just how unusually dry it had been in April.

We stopped work at 4.00pm and enjoyed tea and cakes provided by Clare Lindsay and Caroline Burkitt around the Parr memorial.  We often sit on the south side of the church for tea, but the excavations around the base of the church meant not only had we been saved from weeding the gravel, but the bench there was inaccessible behind the orange safety fence.

The next working party is on Saturday 5th August.  Recruiting another three volunteers would be great so please come and help.  We’ll be cutting the Remembrance garden hedge as well as other weeding, pruning and tidying jobs.

James and Clare Lindsay


Corpus Christi College Choir sings at Grantchester Church

Corpus Christi College is the patron of Grantchester Church and its Dean of Chapel, in liaison with the Director of Music, Robin Walker, kindly and generously arranged for the Corpus Christi College Choir to perform a concert in the church.  The Dean is, of course, James Buxton – known to many in the village as he grew up on the Bridle Way, and his mother, Mary, still lives on the Coton Road.

So if you happened to be walking past Grantchester Church on Saturday 10th June between 7.30pm and 8.30pm, there is a good chance that you would have stopped to listen to the magical sounds emanating from within.

It was a perfect early Summer evening and the audience enjoyed a glass of Pimms in the churchyard before going into the church for the concert. The choir’s reputation clearly preceded them and a wonderful turnout filled the church.  The music was mainly sacred, including a world premiere composed by one of the members of the choir, as well as some wonderful organ music and a haunting saxophone solo.  Overall it was an evening of beautiful music, kindly given to us by a group of students who had just finished taking their exams and hopefully managed to go and celebrate fully after the concert!

The retiring collection raised £762,  which will be donated to the Christian Aid East African Appeal (see below).

Thank you to the choir and all those who attended and made the event such a success